Job Market Is So Magically Different Than It Was

Has your job, if you still have it, been transformed into a series of projects? If so, you are a participant (willing or otherwise) in the trend toward the “projectization” of work.

If this is the Brave New World, we need to learn how to thrive when we’re not skiing between projects.

Many of us who are now consultants are doing project work that is uncannily similar to what middle management used to do.

Middle management became the villain at the beginning of the downsizing era.

It was something that could be stamped out in the name of improved communication with the front-line troops.

It was seen as an expensive bottleneck that slowed organizational adaptation to market changes.

jmismIt was a wasteful expense that, if skewered,

The Digital Property Boom Continues: Protect Yo Neck!

By the time you read this, Lesley Harris will have moved from her Toronto home to Washington D.C. to be with her new husband. But if you’re one of her clients, it probably won’t matter.

After all, Harris, an intellectual property lawyer, consultant, fiction writer and author of a new book on the increasing value of digital material, does most of her work by e-mail.

“This is my office,” she says, tapping her laptop. “My Canadian clients don’t mind where I am since they don’t see me.

“I don’t even give out my business card any more. I just tell people if you need me click on my (Web site) photo and you can e-mail me directly.”

wappsAs a lawyer, Harris is the kind of person